My husband, Nick, and I live in Erie, Colorado with our young daughters Alexa & Charlotte .  We love to hike, read, go to the park, play – really anything (well, the girls do), go out to new restaurants, and spend quality time with close friends and our family who are scattered all across the country.       


  • Colorado Christian University (2004- 2007), Masters of Arts in Counseling
  • University of Colorado (1997- 2001), B.A. in Psychology


  • Private practice 2006- present
  • Speaking and teaching in several different states on several issues including addiction, adolescent         issues, eating disorders, and human sexuality. 
  • Worked at a group home in Boulder County for adolescent girls with a wide range of disorders and issues
  • Staff with Young Life in Frankfurt, Germany working with adolescents from all over the world, with varying backgrounds (2001- 2003)

 Things that make me smile

  • Mornings with coffee and my journal (which are really just a distant memory these days, but I still like the memory)

  • Traveling… anywhere and as much as possible

  • Feeling like I am helping familes connect and people grow

  • Cozy evenings in with my husband, particularly with nachos and a great movie

  • Cooking for good friends with good music playing

  • Watching my sweet girls play together and laugh together

 And things that don’t…

  •  Judgmental people
  • Waiting (for most anything)
  • Wind
  • Dirty kitchen counters
  • Seeing people hurt when it seems needless